Read Diverse Books Year-Round

Read Diverse Books Year-Round – July 2016 Link-Up

It is July 1st, which means that we are officially halfway through 2016! I had a birthday last month and it feels like the years are getting shorter the older I get. I can’t explain how or why it’s already July, but it seems to be the reality.

July 1st also means it’s time for a new Read Diverse Books Year-Round link up!

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Exploring the works of Indigenous Authors

10 Books In 10 Months – Exploring The Works Of Indigenous Writers

The entire purpose of my blog is to continually remind people that reading diversely is important. My Twitter, my Instagram, Tumblr, and Goodreads accounts are all dedicated to that purpose. I try to lead by example and am very dedicated. However, my reading history still has some glaring holes and omissions.

Many of the books I read are by people of color who live in American or Europe, some from Canada. While I am very proud of this, I have much room to grow. For example, I have never read any books by Filipino authors or any Southeast Asian authors. I have neglected many countries in Africa, focusing mostly on Nigeria. Essentially, reading more internationally is something I hope to improve upon as a reader. I’m not too worried about it because I have many decades left to read the books of the world.

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24 in 24 Readathon

This Weekend I am Reading For 24 out of 48 Hours | #24in48

During the 48 hours that comprise July 23 and July 24 2016, I will be joining the #24in48 readathon. Have you heard about it? Are you joining? If not, really do consider it because huge readathons are great way to meet fellow book dragons and make reading an (even) more social activity as a blogger!

The goal is to attempt to read up to 24 hours in a time period of 48 hours. However, you can devote as much time to reading as you want! It’s very low pressure.

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The Pokémon Go Book Tag!

I bet you didn’t expect me to do this tag, did you!? If you follow me on Twitter, perhaps you’re not surprised at all because I’ve tweeted about Pokemon Go at least once a day. Yes, I love Pokémon and have for over a decade. I don’t think I will ever stop playing these games. I’ve played almost all of them, certainly all the mainline series games. And you can expect me to buy Pokémon Sun and/or Moon when they’re released this November. That’s right, ya’ll, I’m not playing.

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Review- Jerkbait by Mia Siegert

Review: Jerkbait by Mia Siegert

Earlier in this year, author Mia Siegert wrote a guest post during the blog tour of her debut novel, Jerkbait. She talked about the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in YA literature and its ability to educate young readers and prevent bullying and hostility for gay, lesbian, and transgender youth.

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The Diverse Books Tag Reading Compilation

The Ultimate Diverse Reading List: Over 300 Book Recommendations!

I created the Diverse Books Tag to promote as many diverse books as possible in the book blogging community. Making a list may seem like a minor and insignificant thing, but it really does matter. If one reader discovered a book that she would otherwise not have seen anywhere else, then these diverse reading lists were worth it. If even one book blogger who participated examined her reading history and acknowledge that it lacked diversity, then these lists definitely mattered.

Some people were able to write extensive and very impressive lists of the books they have read. Others relied on finding books that they wanted to read to create their lists. Both strategies are perfectly valid. What matters is that we continue to read the stories of marginalized people and that we remind one another that reading these stories is important. It’s also personally rewarding, intellectually fulfilling, and fun!

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Review- Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

Review: Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho | #DSFFBookClub

The Diverse SFF Book Club was the best thing that could have happened since I created my blog. I have always read SFF (Science Fiction Fantasy) voraciously because I grew up with the genre and it has provided me with countless positive reading experiences. But when I started blogging, I was hesitant to review too many of these books because I know they’re not the most popular around the blogosphere.

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9 Publishers Who Promote Diversity and Uplift Writers of Color

9 Publishers Who Promote Diversity And Uplift Writers Of Color

We all know that getting published is difficult, but it’s even more so for writers of color, who often have to turn to independent publishers instead of bigger, traditional presses for a variety of reasons. Having less access to resources and industry connections, and being expected to write certain kinds of stories are only a few of the obstacles writers from marginalized backgrounds may face.

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August Book of the Month

Diverse SFF Book Club | Vote for August’s Book of the Month!

There’s exactly one week left until we reach the deadline to finish reading Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hope the ones who joined the Diverse SFF Book Club for June-July enjoyed it as much as I did. I will share my thoughts on the book next week here on my blog!

If you read the book, please try post a review or discussion post in your own blog as well by July 15th if possible. You can share it on the #DSFFBookClub hashtag or directly with me at @_diversebooks. Either of these will do, as I’ll be able to locate your tweet and signal boost.

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Juliet Takes A Breath giveaway

8 Reasons Why You Will Love Juliet Takes a Breath

Reading Juliet Takes a Breath was one of the most positive, transformative, illuminating experiences I’ve had this year. It’s certainly my favorite 2016 release, by far.

A novel hasn’t resonated with me this profoundly in a long time. The last book that elicited a similar reaction from me was Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. But Juliet Takes a Breath is on an entirely different level. While I do appreciate literature about experiences foreign to my own, representative literature that serves as a mirror to my own life is spiritually fulfilling, so to speak. That’s exactly how I felt after closing this book. My essence, my aura, my self — they were all satiated and happy.

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Birthmonth Book Haul

Behold My Glorious Birthmonth Book Haul!

On June 6th, I had a birthday to rival all of my previous birthdays. The social festivities were great and I had lots of fun, but what I want to share with you are all the books I bought and was gifted in June.

Considering that this would be my first birthday as a blogger, I knew I had to go big and buy as many books as I could afford and take the opportunity to ask for free ones as well. My boyfriend, the sweetheart that he is, took me to Barnes & Noble and set me loose in the store on the condition that I could only choose 5 books. Fortunately, we were practical and used plenty of coupons, so it wasn’t too expensive. Getting a gift of 5 books was the best start to my birthmonth book haul I could have imagined!

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