Behold My Glorious Birthmonth Book Haul!

On June 6th, I had a birthday to rival all of my previous birthdays. The social festivities were great and I had lots of fun, but what I want to share with you are all the books I bought and was gifted in June. 

Considering that this would be my first birthday as a blogger, I knew I had to go big and buy as many books as I could afford and take the opportunity to ask for free ones as well. My boyfriend, the sweetheart that he is, took me to Barnes & Noble and set me loose in the store on the condition that I could only choose 5 books. Fortunately, we were practical and used plenty of coupons, so it wasn’t too expensive. Getting a gift of 5 books was the best start to my birthmonth book haul I could have imagined!

The rest I bought with my own money and some were free through a giveaway or sent as a review copy.

I don’t think I went overboard with the book-buying. I’ve bought more in the past, I think! Anyway, I’m very happy with my haul this month. It has been months since I did a post like this so I think it was time, given the occasion.

Let me know if you have read any of the books below.

Birthmonth Book Haul!


Haul 1

LaRose – by Louise Erdrich

  • June’s book for My Lit Box. I want to read everything by Louise Erdrich, so this was a great pick for me. 

Homegoing -by Yaa Gyasi

  • I MUST read this book in July. Bought it for myself with my hard-earned money. The hardcover price was $27 – yikes – but I was able to buy it 50% off. 





Book Haul 2


An Ember in the Ashes – by Sabaa Tahir

  • A birthday present! I love high fantasy and have wanted to read this book for far too long, so I’m glad I finally own it. 

Sorcerer to the Crown – by Zen Cho

  • This was book of the month for the Diverse SFF Book Club. It was an absolute joy to read. Expect a review in the coming weeks. 




Just look at how beautiful they all are!


Book Haul 3

Born on a Tuesday – by Elnathan John

  • I bought this one for a simple reason – I want read as many Nigerian authors as possible!

Juliet Takes a Breath – by Gabby Rivera

  • This book is perfection. I bought my own copy but also won another in a giveaway! Expect a review this week with a giveaway for my extra copy. 

More Happy Than Not – by Adam Silvera

  • I stalk Adam Silvera on Twitter. Please don’t tell him! I’m trying to read more Queer Latinx narratives this year, so More Happy Than Not must go on that list.

Purple Hibiscus – by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  • The only novel of hers I have not read. I finally got my own copy and am set on reading it sometime in 2016.


Book Haul 4


Fairytales For Lost Children – Diriye Osman

  • Recommended by Darkowaa. This is the book I am “currently reading.” Thoughts coming soon. 

Without You, There Is No Us – by Suki Kim

  • I have never read a memoir about North Korea, though I simply must. It’s a fascinating and chilling topic we should all read about. There are several memoirs I wanted to read, but I found this one on sale so I picked it up first.

Santa Muerte – by Lucina Stone

  • A review copy courtesy of the author! I’m not currently reading review requests, but I will make time for this book in August. I’ve read a few other bloggers’ thoughts on this book, so I’m excited to read it for myself.

eBook Haul

Ebook haul

A Darker Shade of Magic by – V.E. Schwab

  • Just about everyone recommends this book. I couldn’t pass it up when I saw it on sale! Actually, all the eBooks I bought in June were on sale. :]

Shatter Me – by Tahereh Mafi

  • A book that has piqued my interest. I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy it, but it sounds fascinating and at $2.99 I said yes.

Serpentine – by Cindy Pon

  • Another book on sale. I’ve never read Cindy Pon but I will always be open to reading books inspired by Chinese mythology. 

That was an impressive haul, wasn’t it!? I like to think I have great taste in books. 🙂

In terms of buying books, do you like to treat yourself during your birthmonth or do you treat it like any other month?

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50 thoughts on “Behold My Glorious Birthmonth Book Haul!

  1. Thats a great haul. I have heard alot of good things about Home Going. And yes to Purple Hibsicus. Also Ember in Ashes is great I have heard. Oh no! You have added books to my list.
    And GLAD you got Schwwab. Hope you like it. Its a fun read

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUU!!! What an amazing boyfriend 🙂 he really gave the most perfect gift. Have fun reading! Can’t wait to read your reviews 🙂

  3. Looks like you had a great birthday with that haul! I always hear about Adam Silvera and have yet to read anything by him, so I’m interested to see what you think of More Happy Than Not. I’ve heard some mixed reviews so far

  4. Your had a really great haul month (I hope it didn’t send you into bankruptcy 😁).
    More happy than not and Juliet takes a breath (I’m keeping an eye out for that giveaway, if it is INTL of course) are high on my TBR and I hope to get to them soon.
    A darker shade of magic is a definite winner to me, I can’t wait for you to read it and hear your thoughts on it.

    1. Haha, no I didn’t go broke. Half were gifts/free and for the rest I used coupons! Thanks for looking our for me, though.
      I’m, the Juliet giveaway is going to be US/CAN only :/
      And I’m stoked to read ADSOM soon, too. It feels like everyone has read it except me.

  5. LOL “set me loose in the store on the condition that I could only choose 5 books”. That was funny. I like your haul. I’m dying to read Gyasi’s book and I’m waiting to read Elnathan’s but I have to focus on my exams now. Can’t wait to read your reviews. Happy belated birthday!

  6. 😀 This post makes me so happy! Such a lovely haul. I’m positive you’ll love Purple Hibiscus! Adichie is a wonderful writer. I’ve never heard of Without You, There is No Us, but you might remember that I recommended a few North Korean memoirs a while ago? I’m also really intrigued by it, so I think I have to add this one to my TBR. Serpentine looks absolutely amazing! 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Naz! What a great birthday book haul! You got some good reads. A lot of these books are on my TBR as well. I read the North Korea memoir by Suki Kim a couple years back and it was such a good book, but it was very heartbreaking to read. Enjoy your new books 🙂

    1. I’m glad you recommend Suki Kim’s memoir. I honestly wanted to read a different one but it was too expensive. I have heard great things about this one as well, so I’m still looking forward to reading it.
      And thanks again for the book giveaway. I was a great way to end my birthmonth 🙂

  8. Oh man. I have read a BUNCH of these books and they are wonderful. Purple Hibiscus isn’t as good as Adichie’s later books, but it’s still pretty great. Homegoing and LaRose, both excellent! Sorcerer to the Crown, super fun and made me psyched for the sequel. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but the ending is real real good. Oh lucky you. And happy happy happy birthday!

    1. Wow, you really keep up to date on your new releases!
      I have much to look forward to then! 😀 I’m sure I will still enjoy Purple Hibiscus, even if it’s not her best. Her best is a very high standard, in my opinion.
      Yes, I adored Sorcerer to the Crown. Prunella is my new favorite heroine and magic user. I will be reading the sequel as soon as it releases. 🙂

      Thank you, Jenny. 🙂 It was a great birthday.

  9. Happy birthday! If your boyfriend bought you books, than he’s definitely a keeper. I really liked A Darker Shade of Magic, and I’m going to be reading More Happy Than Not for a YA lit class sometime this year. I hope we both like it.

  10. You have such a nice boyfriend! That’s a very thoughtful gift. The books are certainly beautiful. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on them.

  11. Whoa what an awesome book stack! Also, best boyfriend ever! I loved Purple Hibiscus and Juliet of course and Sorcere. Fairytales is so on my tbr, it sounds amazing!! Enjoy your new books, bet you can’t take your eyes off your shelves😂

  12. Happy Belated Birthday, Naz! We share a birthday month, but mine is 20 days after yours. 🙂 And, yes I probably get more books around my birthday, mostly because of gift cards from my family, but also because I spoil myself a little (if you can’t do it around your birthday, when can you?). On our way home yesterday, we stopped at one of my favourite used book stores – I found so many great books but had to control myself and put a few back (for next time!). I love how just looking at your new books makes you so happy – I feel the same way. 🙂

    1. And I love being part of a community that feels genuine and unbridled joy at the sight of books!
      I’m glad you allowed yourself to keep some of the used books 😀 Even if you already have tons of library books in your reading queue! The fact that you put any of them back shows great restraint. 😉

  13. That’s a great book haul. I see that you were very moderate and did not buy one for every year of your age 🙂
    The owl statue is also awesome.

    1. I almost considered it, but my boyfriend made me feel kind of guilty about it. x)
      I should have hit the used bookstores…darn it. Next year, I will be sure to buy a book for every year of my age and I’ll be sure to include used books!

  14. I’m a million years late but this haul is amazing 😍😍

    I really want to read An Ember in the Ashes, Juliet Takes a Breath and More Happy Than Not (which I totally failed at reading for the readathon I was doing, haha). I hope you enjoy A Darker Shade of Magic! I loved that one so much. I’ll definitely be interested in seeing what you think. I also just added Santa Muerte to my TBR!!

    1. Haha, it’s never too late to reply to any of my posts! I post a lot so it’s hard to keep up with me sometimes.
      Yes, you want to read all the best books! It’s OK if you don’t get to some of the books you planned on. It happens to me ALL THE TIME. I’ve learned to accept that about myself. As long as you eventually get to these books, it’s all good. Life is long. 🙂

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