Bibliography Spotlight: Wendy C. Ortiz & A Book Giveaway!

There’s only a week left in Latinx Heritage Month! I know that I have been flooding your inboxes and WordPress Readers with my blog posts all month, but it’s almost over. Unfortunately :(.  I hope you have enjoyed celebrating and uplifting Latinx voices along with me! Thank you to anyone who has stuck with me the entire month. Your support means the world to me. 

Today, I want to introduce you to Wendy C. Ortiz. Check out the books she has written and enter the giveaway for her upcoming memoir, Bruja! Just in time for Halloween. 

Excavation: A Memoir

Excavation: A MemoirWendy C. Ortiz was an only child and a bookish, insecure girl living with alcoholic parents in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Her relationship with a charming and deeply flawed private school teacher fifteen years her senior appeared to give her the kind of power teenagers wish for, regardless of consequences. Her teacher—now a registered sex offender—continually encouraged her passion for writing while making her promise she was not leaving any written record about their dangerous sexual relationship. This conflicted relationship with her teacher may have been just five years long, but would imprint itself on her and her later relationships, queer and straight, for the rest of her life.In Excavation: A Memoir, the black and white of the standard victim/perpetrator stereotype gives way to unsettling grays. The present-day narrator reflects on the girl she once was, as well as the teacher and parent she has become. 


Hollywood Notebook


Hollywood Notebook: Hollywood Notebook is a prose poem-ish memoir of fragments. Ortiz takes us through the streets of Los Angeles and the internal maps she’s charting as she moves from her twenties to her thirties in a studio apartment in Hollywood. A cartography of love, loss, and transformation, Hollywood Notebook is a portrait of the author’s psyche overlaid on a map of the city she makes her home.



Win a copy of Wendy C. Ortiz’s upcoming memoir, “Bruja”

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Bruja (forthcoming October 31, 2016): 

Behold the “dreamoir”–the details from the most malleable and revelatory portions of one’s dreams, catalogued in bold detail. Ortiz has created a new literary form, a parallel plane where the cast of characters are the people that occupied one’s waking life; Bruja is a narrative that’s equal parts delicate and bold, a literary adventure through the boundaries of memoir, where the self is viewed from a position anchored into the deepest recesses of the mind. The end result is perhaps one of the most candid expressions of personal history, the subconscious bared in full, revealing the part of oneself that is often the most difficult to see. 

Open to US residents only. 

Giveaway ends October 16th. Book will ship after November 1st. 

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_About the author_

wendy C. OrtizWendy C. Ortiz is the author of Excavation: A Memoir, Hollywood Notebook, and the forthcoming Bruja. Her work has been profiled or featured in the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Rumpus, and the National Book Critics Circle Small Press Spotlight blog. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Hazlitt, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, The Nervous Breakdown, Poor Claudia, and a year-long series appeared at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Wendy lives in Los Angeles. Visit her public notebook:

Author website | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr


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9 thoughts on “Bibliography Spotlight: Wendy C. Ortiz & A Book Giveaway!

  1. Wow– all of these books sound fascinating, honestly. It’s like Oritz has invented multiple new styles of writing memoirs. I’ve added all of these to my TBR, if only so I can learn more about these unique styles of writing. Thanks for sharing, Naz!

  2. Wendy Ortiz has been on my radar, but I can’t remember how or why I first heard of her. It was probably her first memoir about her relationship with her teacher that I heard about. This, I find fascinating: “the black and white of the standard victim/perpetrator stereotype gives way to unsettling grays.”
    The style of her new memoir also sounds fascinating. Thanks for reminding me of her!

    1. She’s such a creative memoirist. I’m glad to hear you’ve heard of her before. I discovered her work during the my Latinx History Month project. I now know tons of talented Latinx authors. It’s the best I idea I’ve had yet. 😀

  3. Wow, a dreamoir sounds like an amazing idea and an experience that many/most readers have not experienced. Thank you for sharing and hosting this giveaway!

  4. These all sound just fantastic. Thanks so much – to you and the participants and the authors – for adding so many great books to my TBR this month. I needed some direction on this score, and now I have a tonne of great reading ahead of me!

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