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The book of the month is Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. 

You will have until July 15th to read the book and share your thoughts on your blog, Twitter, or Goodreads. On July 1st, I will start a discussion on Goodreads for those who read the book early. 

So don’t for get to join the Goodreads group:

If you are active on Twitter, please take a picture of the book once you get a hold of it and post it using the #DiverseBookBlogger hashtag. 

On May 28, 2016 one of our very own #DiverseBookBloggers, who blogs at Silicon of the Internet, suggested the idea of a diverse science fiction and fantasy book club. 

I was immediately on board because speculative fiction has always been my comfort genre. It is the kind of narrative I gravitate towards most naturally due to its limitless possibilities. Science fiction and fantasy have given me countless hours of entertainment and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

However, one issue I always had with the genre was the lack of representation of marginalized groups, in particular people of color and the LGBT community. Fortunately, the last couple of decades have offered a diverse selection of SFF and I can only imagine it will get better in the years to come. 

For now, let’s enjoy the books that are available together! I want to invite you all to join the Diverse SFF Book Club, where we will be focusing on reading speculative fiction centered around people of color and LGBT protagonists. Preferably, the authors will also be people of color or identify as LGBT, but it is not a requirement.

On June 10, I will announce what book we will be reading first. But before that, I need your help deciding which book that will be! I will be running two polls to determine our first pick, the one below and one on Twitter in the #DiverseBookBloggers hashtag. 

Make your vote count!

What book should we read first?


Click on the links below to go the book’s Goodreads page.

Who Fears Death | The Three-Body Problem | The Gilda Stories | Sorcerer to the Crown

Book Club books

After the book of the month is announced on June 10, all participating members will have until July 15th to finish the book. From that point forward, the Diverse SFF Book Club will have a set reading goal for the 15th of every month. This schedule can be amended if we decided once a month is too frequent.

I have created a Goodreads group for the book club. Please join!

Two weeks before a reading deadline, a poll will be run on this group and on Twitter to decide the next month’s choice.

After you have finished reading the book of the month, please try to share your thoughts on your blog or your platform of choice. This could be on Twitter or you could start a discussion thread on the Goodreads group. 

Also, if you could share your blog post or Twitter thoughts on the #DiverseBookBloggers hashtag, I would appreciate that very much. 😀

I will try to start discussions on the Goodreads group a couple of weeks after we start reading, to keep dialogue and conversations going. I want this book club to be interactive and lively. I don’t want members to feel like they’re reading alone. The Diverse SFF Book Club will be a warm and welcoming community of book lovers, so don’t be shy. Be social and nerdy! Since I’m leading the group, you can be sure I will be bugging you to participate, share your thoughts, and promote, promote, promote! 

That’s all for now. I could keep writing indefinitely, but I need to learn how to be concise. 😉

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29 thoughts on “Love Speculative Fiction? Join The Diverse SFF Book Club!

  1. Isnt Nnedi the one you mentioned that you want to read all works of the author? I was going to click that because it looked familiar. Then i thought that wouldnt be fair since I know nothing much about the genre or authors or the books. So I will wait for the reviews and see if I would enjoy the read. Great idea btw. You always have such creative ones.

    Also, is there a difference between speculative and dystopian fiction? I might be a bit rusty with the terms

    1. Yes, Nnedi Okorafor is one of those authors I mentioned 😀

      Heh, only vote if you are comfortable. No pressure.

      Speculative Fiction is similar to dystopian fiction. Hunger Games, for example, would fall under Spec Fiction because it has science fiction elements. Basically, speculative fiction is the broader term for scifi, fantasy, and other stories of the imagination that aren’t based in reality. Many sub-categories fall under that umbrella term.

  2. Yessss! This is awesome! I am not huge on straight up SFF but I loooove the spec fic! Three Body Problem and Sorcerer to the Crown are already on my TBR, so I am pulling for one of those.

  3. Sounds like a great idea! I’m a pretty big fan of spec fiction and dystopian, though I don’t read too much in YA anymore. But I’m very intrigued by Who Fears Death and that seems to be the way the vote is swaying so I’m excited.

    1. These books aren’t YA fiction. I didn’t even notice! haha. I will try to include at least one in the next set of options, just in case people are in the mood for YA SFF.
      I’m hoping Who Fears Death wins too. Though, the Twitter poll is skewing toward Sorcerer to the Crown.

  4. Yes, I am doing this!!! Thank you for taking the lead on like, Everything. I LOVED the Three-Body Problem but I would so be down for it as a choice (maybe I’d read the second in the series along with you guys). Also of course I’d love to read more Okorafor or simply to find new authors. So really I have no preference at all for what is chosen, and like (book) surprises 🙂 Can’t wait till June 10!

    1. Thanks, Iona! You’d made my day 😀
      I would love to read the Three-Body Problem but I don’t think it’s going to win this month. It looks like Who Fears Death or Sorcerer to the Crown will fight to the death! :O

  5. Thanks for starting this. I want to be part–if and when I can get the books. Can we do
    who Fears Death for the next choice?

    Diverse fantasy is out there. just sometimes hard to find. I did a post about them a couple of years ago with of my some favorites. Its dated, but most of the authors continue to write. I will update it and send you a copy. Be sure and check aarti@booklust who has done challenges for fantasy by people of color in the fall in past years. And don’t forget older classics like Orlando by Virginia Woolf.

  6. I love this, every time I check twitter I find you doing more awesome stuff! I do live SFF and fantasy now that I’ve found the woc and feminist works especially! Okorafor is one of my faves so I’m always happy to read more by her and Gez I finally get to read now that the reprint is out. I couldn’t get it here how horrible is that!? Also 3Body Problem was so cool. Still, also happy we’re discussing Sorcerer first since I get to join despite exam and it is an amazing book!!

    1. Thanks, Bina. I hope don’t run out of ideas any time soon. :S
      Glad you could join us this month! It’s a good thing you’re so well-read on speculative fiction.
      I just learned that the paperback edition of Sorcerer to the Crown will be released next month in the States. Have to get the hardcover for now, though :/

  7. YEAH!!! Glad I got here in time to see I can join in. AND!! I have the book too. It’s been on my TBR for a while so I’ll read along with you guys. I’m so happy right now, man!

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