Poll: How Often Do You Publish New Posts In your Blog?

I created this poll because recently I realized that perhaps I am posting too much. 

I had a set schedule: Monday-Friday, take Saturday off (sometimes…), and post again on Sunday. That’s six posts a week! While I could continue to post that frequently without a problem, the question is: should I?

The last thing I want is to annoy and inundate my followers. (*puts on Bernie Sanders voice) Soon they’ll get sick and tired of all my damn emails!

So from now on, I’m going to scale the number of new posts back to around 3-4 a week. Some weeks it will be less, others it may be slightly more. It will depend on how inspired I feel. My aim is to give the impression that every one of my posts matters, because they do! 

Please vote in the poll below!

How often do you publish new posts in your blog?


P.S. I know how it looks. I’m saying I want to post less, yet here I am posting again after publishing two new posts yesterday! Please forgive me :]

30 thoughts on “Poll: How Often Do You Publish New Posts In your Blog?

  1. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a lot of posts from one blogger. What matters is the content—it shouldn’t repeat itself. Something new everyday is nice, but if it becomes a struggle to come up with new topics or material, scale it back for your sake.

    I tried voting as a WordPress user, and I had to log in (even though I already was) so hopefully my vote counted. :/

    1. You’re right. Blogging shouldn’t become a chore or a struggle. The quality of the posts is very important to keep your readership satisfied, and the best posts come when once is inspired and has something new or interesting to say.

      Thanks for the input!

        1. I still consider myself a new blogger, so I had the mentality that I had to constantly create new content to stay relevant and attract new readers.
          NOW, I know that isn’t true! Hah.

          4-5 times a month sounds good to me, especially if you keep it consistent.

          The exception was the Reading Soul Lit month, I assume? That’s when I started following you and I read most of your posts, honestly! 🙂

          1. Yes February is Black History Month in the US. It’s tough to keep blogging everyday. The main thing is to write quality posts and write passionately about what you like to read. you can also join in on other bloggers’ projects or even start one of your own. enjoy yourself and try not to put so much pressure on yourself that you burn out.

  2. If you feel that blogging is taking up too much of your time, then by all means peal back, but I for enjoy reading all of your posts. Quantity AND quality are possible at “We Read Diverse Books.”

    1. I did feel it was taking too much of my time and didn’t enjoy the pressure of having a new post ready for the next day. I notice you generally post every other day, which is something I could manage. That’s a good starting point for me.

      I’m glad I wasn’t annoying everyone with my daily posts. As always, thank you for your kind words. :]

  3. When we started blogging we wanted to post every day! But between university and exams that just wasn’t possible, so now we post 2-3 times a week (Sunday, Wednesday and Friday).

  4. I actually schedule blog posts in advance and post about 3 per day. The content is planned out a week in advance. What can I say, I’m an IT project manager by discipline and I have to plan things out. Usually I have posts written 2-3 days in advance.

  5. When I first started my blog I posted a little more frequently just to try and get my content up, but now I try to post about twice a week, just because that’s the amount that I’m able to maintain, on average. Sometimes there will be 3, and sometimes only one. This is March Break week, so I will probably only post the one – I find it harder to get it done when the kids are home all week. Summer is often slower for me for the same reason.
    I agree with what everyone else has said about not burning out. You have to do what feels right (and fun) for you! It might take some time to figure this out – it did for me!

    1. I think I’ve reached the point where I have established my blog and there is enough content for new visitors if they choose to peruse the archives. I almost have 50 posts in just the 2 months that I’ve been blogging. It’s time to take it easy and enjoy it now. If I don’t, I may burn out and I certainly don’t want that.

  6. When Lucy and I started Hard Book Habit, we posted every day taking alternate days. We managed that for about nine months, but decided to stop posting at weekends for a combination of reasons. Firstly, we didn’t want the quality of content to drop, and we didn’t want to be over-posting. At the time I was also posting up at least 2 posts a week for my other knitted footballer blog and looking back, I don’t know how I managed it. It feels about right now for us, and I think that’s key. I don’t think the frequency of posting matters – after all, people can always leave posts unread if they’re short on time -as long as you’re not short of things to say. 🙂

    1. 9 months of posting every day is quite a feat, even with two people running the blog!
      Thank for your input. Today, I am positive 3-4 posts a week feels right. I just have to stop obsessing over stats and will have to accept that less posts will mean less blog hits. Which is OK. But that’s an entirely different conversation!

  7. Relatively new blogger here (just over a year.) (And relatively new to your great blog!) I try to post twice a week, that’s the goal. Sometimes it’s three times, sometimes one. With a full time job and young child, I just can’t do more than that. And I want it to be FUN and not a burden. So I agree with others, do what feels good to YOU. Don’t put pressure on yourself, because then it won’t be fun anymore.

    1. If a 1 year old blog is relatively new then I must be an infant!

      I’m liking the idea of 3 posts a week and will try that for a while. Last night it felt so great not worrying about having a post up for a Thursday. I definitely don’t want blogging to stop being fun.

  8. I wrote a long comment and it wasn’t posted!! A glitch in the connection. Argh! The Internet here in Jakarta makes me want to throw things.

    Here, let me try again: I am amazed that you post six times a week. I’m also left deeply embarrassed as I can go for months without a single update *slinks away in shame*

    On a more serious note, I agree with some of the commenters above. As long as the content of each post is something insightful and non-repetitive, you can post as often or as little as you like. It’s your blog. Unless you make a ton of money from it, blogging should be what is enjoyable for you. I find the last sentence difficult to apply myself as I don’t want to disappoint followers with my sporadic updates but my (limited) experience says your readers understand that you have a life outside the blog.

    “The last thing I want is to annoy and inundate my followers” – please don’t worry about that. I like that you post a lot, I can pick and choose which post appeals most to me. Blog posts are easily skippable by their very nature, which is great because most of us read posts when we are (a) interested and/or (b) have time. In fact, if someone complains that you post too much, you can politely remind them that you can always scroll down or delete the notification email. Problem solved.

    1. Thank you so much for trying to post again! I really appreciate your perseverance and your input.

      I am certainly NOT making any money off this blog. Hah, that would be the dream, wouldn’t it? So having fun with it is very important.

      Posting 6 times a week was wearing on me, so I really do want to scale it down by half so I can enjoy more of my hobbies outside of reading and blogging. I think 3-4 is a sweet spot. It’s enough content to keep readers satisfied and also enough to skip over 1 or 2 of them if they don’t find them interesting.

      Perhaps I overreacted to my posting volume. It’s just that I read a number of articles about how posting every day is detrimental to your blog, and perhaps I let that get to me. But some of the reasons they listed made sense to me and I did end up deciding to scale it back for my benefit.

      1. We all wish we make money from book blogging, don’t we? 🙂

        3-4 posts/week sounds good. I honestly don’t know how you have been doing 6 a week since all the posts I’ve read from you are so well-thought-out and well-researched.

        Ah, I apologize actually. I think my first comment would come across as too aggressive. I probably was cranky because of the failed-to-load comment.

        Bottom line is: do what makes you happy. Ignore everything I said if it will make you happy in the long run. 🙂

  9. Heh I was out of breath keeping up with the reading and commenting 😉 I do love that you’ve joined the blogosphere and your content is great! I feel like in Titanic saying this but, it’s been 84 years… no but really I’ve always been a low-key blogger and been blogging lazily for years, sometimes I hardly blogged in a year, but I love having a handful bloggers with whom I’m closer and so I’m not sure about what new readers or non-bloggers might want. Perhaps a new post a day would be awesome? I try to blog between 2 and 4 times a week when I’m not in a blogging slump but sometimes I’m not in the mood or I try to have internet-free days, so…like I sad I’m pretty low-key. I just don’t have the time to read and comment all the time if someone posts so much, but I try to keep up with you 🙂

    1. You’re the best!

      I really would love if you posted every day but totally understand if you can’t because I also personally found it exhausting!

      I went all out during my first two months of blogging, posting frequently, commenting on other blogs, and making my presence known as well. And it worked. I now have a tiny little following 🙂 Which means I can take it easy and enjoy myself. Posting every day was stressful! My strategy is to spend some of the time I would have spent writing visiting other blogs instead.

      1. You’re the best! 🙂 But seriously it’s awesome to have you blogging and bringing more diverse content to the blogosphere! I have no idea how you managed, so kudos to you. But really enjoy yourself and you’ll find that sometimes you just want to post a lot and ideas keep coming and at other times you have other stuff going on. I love being connected to blogger friends across social media so you stay in contact by posting on insta or chatting on facebook 🙂 Happy blogging and happy reading!

  10. I post 1 or 2 times a week lately. I don’t read at the speed of light like some so I can’t have a new book review up everyday. I’m not the biggest fan of memes. There are some I like but I keep that to a minimum. I honestly want to be able to look at my blog and be proud of everything that’s on it so I don’t force myself to blog when I have nothing to say just so I can have more posts that week. Personally, if I’m subscribed to someone I’d rather see one good post than 5 crappy ones. I try to remember that for myself.

    1. I desperately wish I could read faster, too! I am baffled by people who can post a new review every day or even every other day. I try to post 2 reviews a week, but I may reduce it to one review on some weeks because I don’t want to feel rushed to finish a book just to post it up on my blog.

      I started out posting a few memes every week but decided stop doing them almost entirely because they weren’t very interesting and honestly nobody was reading them! I totally agree with you. I also want to look at my blog and be proud of it. I’m slowly working my way towards that point, and that progress began when I decided to stop posting 6-7 times a week.

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