Read Diverse Books Year-Round – Final Edition

This really is my last review link-up, y’all! For the year at least. 🙂

November’s post, the penultimate RDB Year-Round link-up, had 46 reviews. As always, I’m eternally grateful for your consistency in reviewing diverse books and promoting them on your blogs. I would announce November’s winner right now, but it seems I accidentally set the closing time for the link-up at the end of December 1st instead of November 30th. So the winner will be announced tomorrow and I will update the post.

Read Diverse Books Year-Round – Latinx Heritage Month Edition

Read Diverse Books Year-Round returns a little later than usual this month because I wanted to time it with Latinx Heritage Month, which kicks off tomorrow, September 15th. It’s going to be very exciting and busy month for me and my blog, but I can’t wait to celebrate with a month’s worth of content!

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