Read Diverse 2017 – A Reading And Book Review Challenge For Bloggers!

2016 was an excellent year for diverse books. We saw the release of many great titles that celebrated marginalized perspectives and experiences, as well as several debut and established authors who gained the recognition they deserved. It was not a perfect year by any means, especially outside of the book community. Within the book community we saw much discord and conflict. Many of us had to be louder & more passionate than ever in our support for diversity against a barrage of racist books, authors, bloggers, and the general onslaught of a system that keeps pushing back on our demands for inclusion and equity in the publishing industry.

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A Call To All #DiverseBookBloggers

Hello, fellow book bloggers!

If you are active on Twitter, you may have noticed a recent hashtag being circulated and used. That hashtag is #DiverseBookBloggers.

If you are not active on Twitter or are confused about what the hashtag means, let me give you a bit of background on how it came to be. (Though, please be warned that I can be rather long-winded when I feel something is important, so bear with me.)

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