The Value In Saying “Latinx”

Over the past couple of years, the term “Latinx” has gained momentum in online communities and I believe the term will become even more common in the future. For now, it is rarely used in everyday speech and it certainly has not entered into mainstream conversations. When I say “Latinx” (pronounced lah-teen-ex) outside of the internet, I often get confused looks and questions to repeat the word and clarify what it means. But these interactions do not deter me from continuing to use it because I believe this word has real value.

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Read Diverse Books Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is almost upon us! As a proud Latino who has a small platform to uplift the voices of Hispanic and Latinx people, I could not let the month pass without celebrating.

Starting September 15th, I will feature reviews, interviews, author spotlights, and guest posts to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month all through October 15th. I already have the first couple of weeks covered, and could certainly create enough content by myself, but what would really be amazing is if I could collaborate with other bloggers or writers to make this month special.

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