2016 Book Releases by Native Americans To Read Before And After The Year Ends

This post is in honor of Native American Heritage Month, which runs all the through November. As with Latinx Heritage Month, I want to again stress that months of targeted celebration are important but we should never limit exploration of certain voices and stories to those months.

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Review: The Round House by Louise Erdrich

Louise Erdrich is one of the authors whose work I want to complete before I die. She is a prolific writer with 15 novels — a list that is likely to grow over the years. I must admit that reading 15 novels of a single author is somewhat intimidating, but I am committed to this goal. Thankfully, it is a life-long, long-term goal so I am in no rush to read all her work in only a few years. I’ll enjoy every one of her novels at my leisure and offer them the time and respect they deserve.

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10 Books In 10 Months – Exploring The Works Of Indigenous Writers

The entire purpose of my blog is to continually remind people that reading diversely is important. My Twitter, my Instagram, Tumblr, and Goodreads accounts are all dedicated to that purpose. I try to lead by example and am very dedicated. However, my reading history still has some glaring holes and omissions.

Many of the books I read are by people of color who live in American or Europe, some from Canada. While I am very proud of this, I have much room to grow. For example, I have never read any books by Filipino authors or any Southeast Asian authors. I have neglected many countries in Africa, focusing mostly on Nigeria. Essentially, reading more internationally is something I hope to improve upon as a reader. I’m not too worried about it because I have many decades left to read the books of the world.

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