Read Diverse 2017 – A Reading And Book Review Challenge For Bloggers!

2016 was an excellent year for diverse books. We saw the release of many great titles that celebrated marginalized perspectives and experiences, as well as several debut and established authors who gained the recognition they deserved. It was not a perfect year by any means, especially outside of the book community. Within the book community we saw much discord and conflict. Many of us had to be louder & more passionate than ever in our support for diversity against a barrage of racist books, authors, bloggers, and the general onslaught of a system that keeps pushing back on our demands for inclusion and equity in the publishing industry.

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Read Diverse Books Year-Round – Final Edition

This really is my last review link-up, y’all! For the year at least. 🙂

November’s post, the penultimate RDB Year-Round link-up, had 46 reviews. As always, I’m eternally grateful for your consistency in reviewing diverse books and promoting them on your blogs. I would announce November’s winner right now, but it seems I accidentally set the closing time for the link-up at the end of December 1st instead of November 30th. So the winner will be announced tomorrow and I will update the post.

Read Diverse Books Year-Round — August Link-Up

By this point, many of you should know the drill.

This is yet another link-up for my Read Diverse Books Year-Round monthly feature! Yes, it’s here to stay. And I have cool things planned for September, so be very excited.

The winner for July’s draw is Brooke @ The Broke Book Bank. Congrats! Check your email and reply back so we can arrange to have whatever book you want shipped out to you. See you next month!

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