6 Must-Read, But Lesser-Known Books by Mexican American Authors

The Mexican and Mexican-American population in the U.S. makes up the largest percentage of the country’s 50+ million Latino population. As the largest minority ethnic group, you would think there would be more representation of Latinos in all media. But the reality is that Latinos are criminally underrepresented in TV, movies, and books.

Over the past several decades, there have been a number of important works by Mexican-Americans that were published and gained both critical acclaim and commercial success. You may have heard of Sandra Cisneros, Gloria Anzaldua, and Rudolfo Anaya. Their work certainly should be read and discussed widely, but I encourage all readers to read these works and then continue to explore the wealth of brilliant literature penned by Mexican Americans.

Below is a list of some of my favorite works by Mexican-Americans that you may not have heard about, but should definitely read.

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