Give Short Fiction A Chance! – 12 Diverse Short Story Collections And Anthologies That Will Win You Over

Short Fiction is underappreciated in literary circles and especially in the book blogging community. Many readers are averse to reading short story collections and anthologies because they prefer the continuous, flowing narrative that novels offer. Some are even hesitant to read novellas! Often, reviews for novellas will cite the work’s short length as a downside (I have down this before as well), which is simply unfair to writers of short fiction.

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Latinx Heritage Month Wrap-Up

Once again, I want to thank all the wonderful and talented authors who collaborated with me to make this month-long celebration of Latinx voices a reality. I had never attempted a project of this scope and am happy with how it turned out. I could have been more organized, but I will focus on the positives instead and look forward to future projects. I hope to make next year’s celebration even better!

For now, here’s a wrap-up post of all the reviews, guest posts, Q&As, and author spotlights featured on my blog throughout Latinx Heritage Month. If you missed any of my posts, now’s your chance to catch up and discover new authors and poets!

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Bibliography Spotlight: Lisa M. Bradley

I want to continue my streak of promoting Latinx poets in the book blogging community. So today, Lisa M. Bradley is on the blog and introduces us to her book The Haunted Girl and some of her stunning poems.

The poem titles are linked to pages where they’ve been published, so give them a read when you have the time!

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A ‘Wish for Someplace Else’: Latinx Poetry As Community

(A guest post by Iliana Rocha.)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about poetry & its relationship to community, & the place I keep arriving at is that, for me, poetry is community.

One of the questions I get asked the most is why I turned to the genre in the first place: Why poetry? The unstated assumptions behind this question, I think, concern the supposed difficulty of it, supposed lack of contemporary relevance, supposed exclusivity.

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A Q&A With Poet , Editor, And Activist Emanuel Xavier

Last week, I reviewed Radiance, a stellar book of poems by Emanuel Xavier.

To continue celebrating Latinx voices during Latinx Heritage Month, I wanted to follow up my review with a Q&A with the writer himself. I’m thrilled to have him on the blog today, as he recommends other poets we should be reading and compares life as a writer in 2016 to the late 90s.

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Review – Radiance: Poems by Emanuel Xavier

I decided to read Radiance because poetry is the literary genre that I have neglected to explore most, even more than nonfiction. So I figured a good way to conquer this long-standing aversion to reading poetry would be to create a reading list to start off and adhere to it stubbornly. Radiance jumped to the top of the list because it is an #ownvoices collection of poems by an openly gay Latino. But also because it is a slim collection and a perfect starting point for poetry novices!

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12 Diverse Nonfiction Books That Will Educate And Insipire

I don’t read more than 5 nonfiction books in any given year. This has been true for most of my life and it’s not something I’m proud of. I’m not naturally drawn to nonfiction, and the ones that I am drawn to are usually memoirs or are based on social issues, which often lend themselves easily to storytelling.

I can’t say I really understand my general aversion to nonfiction. When I go to a bookstore, I never run to the nonfiction section (does anyone actually do this?). But I have known people who only read nonfiction, and it was simply a matter of personal preference. I’m not going to dwell too much on why I have historically ignored this type of writing. Instead, I want to focus on my goal to actively seek nonfiction that does appeal to me.

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My Attempt At “Book Spine Poetry” – Clearly, I Am Not A Poet

As some of you may know, April is National Poetry Month in the United States.

Do you read poems or books of poetry regularly? I frankly can’t remember the last book of poetry I have read. I know, it’s very unfortunate and I should rectify this issue.

But for now, I’ll just attempt to create poetry out of book spines. Clearly, I am not a poet, but I had fun perusing my bookshelves and moving books that had been sitting there for months, untouched and unseen.

I got the idea from Naomi over at Consumed By Ink. I thought it looked interesting and challenging so I tried it out for myself!

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Review – American Ace

Author: Marilyn Nelson

Mini Review: American Ace is a slim novel in verse strongly recommended for Middle Grade readers, but lacks enough substance to satisfy older readers.

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