Review: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova | #DSFFBookClub

I’ve wanted to read Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova the moment I knew it existed. Reading the book blurb promised brujas, “Deathday” celebrations, summoning the spirits of dead relatives, and a journey into the Wonderland-esque land of Los Lagos. Once I saw the cover, I was sure I had to read this book. It’s easily in my top 5 favorite covers of 2016. As for the story itself – did it live up to the hype and lofty expectations I created for it? Not quite, but it was still a hell of a fun ride.

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From Love, Community

A guest post by Sabrina Vourvoulias, author of the dystopian novel, “Ink.”

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Bibliography Spotlight – Tristan J. Tarwater

Are you a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novels, and role playing games? Personally, I love all those things. If you do as well, or even just one or two of them, then let me introduce you to Tristan J. Tarwater!

She’s written several works already and is planning many more, but I just want to highlight some of her most prominent and notable books. Tristan has very kindly provided descriptions of some of her books to give readers a taste of what they may expect.

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Review: The Marauders’ Island (Hen & Chick #1) by Tristan J. Tarwater & A Book Giveaway!

The Marauders’ Island is the kind of book that is so delightful and refreshing that you can’t help but share with everyone you know. During the week or so that I read it, I plastered the book’s image all over social media hoping it would reach as many people as possible. I want you to read this book! It has powerful mages, a diverse cast of characters, a gorgeous tropical setting, positive representation of LGBTQ people, a complex relationship between a mother and daughter, and so much more! All this goodness makes a reader like me giddy with joy.

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The Alien Consciousness of “Latin@ Rising”

Latin@ Rising: An Anthology of Latin@ Science Fiction and Fantasy is slated for release on February 1, 2017 through the San Antonio publisher Wings Press. The book, funded by a Kickstarter campaign, will be the first collection to give attention to the unique work of Latino/a speculative fiction writers and to serve their growing audience. The anthology attempts to be somewhat representative of speculative fiction, and so it is broad in scope and diverse in terms of authors and kinds of stories. The book contains authors who have been important to the development of Latino/a speculative fiction, such as Ernest Hogan, Junot Díaz, Daína Chaviano, and Ana Castillo, and it contains authors who are relatively new such as Alejandra Sanchez and Richie Narvaez

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Review: Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor #DSFFBookClub

Who Fears Death is not your typical post-apocalyptic, “Chosen One” narrative set in a magical Africa. It’s obviously atypical because in Europe and North America, these kinds of stories simply aren’t published often. That’s not to say that African writers are not writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy prolifically, far from it. It’s just that most western audiences aren’t familiar with such narratives for a variety of reasons, such as lack of easy access to these stories and, in many cases, apathy or rejections of these narratives.

Nnedi Okorafor serves an important role in American SFF because she writes imaginative stories set in a fantastical Africa that many readers seldom get to see elsewhere. One of her more ambitious works is the World Fantasy Award winning novel Who Fears Death. It gets tons of credit from me for being original and bold in concept. I have never read a Fantasy novel quite like this.

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Thoughts: The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle | #DSFFBookClub

August’s book of the month for the #DSFFBookClub was The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle, which is a direct response and subversion to H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, The Horror at Red Hook. To fully appreciate and understand LaValle’s novella, I think it’s important that one reads Red Hook. However, you will not have any fun while reading it. Not only is Red Hook one of Lovecraft’s least interesting and impressive stories, it’s also one of his most troubling, controversial, and downright racist. It’s not his worst, but it’s still pretty egregiously offensive.

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Black Women As Heroes And Role Models – A Reading List

There are countless books that feature strong, heroic, inspirational, and fearless girls and women. I cannot possibly know them all nor do I claim to. The list I am providing only includes the books I am familiar with personally or ones that have been recommended to me by trusted sources. I must make this clear because I am far from an authority on this topic. But I do want to commend and recommend these incredible works that feature black women and girls as heroes and role models.

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Review: Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho | #DSFFBookClub

The Diverse SFF Book Club was the best thing that could have happened since I created my blog. I have always read SFF (Science Fiction Fantasy) voraciously because I grew up with the genre and it has provided me with countless positive reading experiences. But when I started blogging, I was hesitant to review too many of these books because I know they’re not the most popular around the blogosphere.

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Diverse SFF Book Club | Vote for August’s Book of the Month!

There’s exactly one week left until we reach the deadline to finish reading Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hope the ones who joined the Diverse SFF Book Club for June-July enjoyed it as much as I did. I will share my thoughts on the book next week here on my blog!

If you read the book, please try post a review or discussion post in your own blog as well by July 15th if possible. You can share it on the #DSFFBookClub hashtag or directly with me at @_diversebooks. Either of these will do, as I’ll be able to locate your tweet and signal boost.

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