What’s Your Favorite Or Most Popular Book Review? I Want To Read It!

I’m not sure if this is a common opinion, but I want to proclaim it as passionately and loudly as possible for all the blogosphere to hear — I love reading book reviews! 

I love writing them as well, but reading other blogger’s reviews is much less stressful and time-consuming. And let me just say how impressed I am with the blogging community. You guys are incredible writers whose efforts deserve to be appreciated.

Book reviews are genuinely my favorite thing about blogging and would write more if I wasn’t such a slow reader. I would probably exclusively post only book reviews in my blog, but I don’t want to bore my followers! 

As any book blogger knows from experience, book reviews are generally the least popular kinds of posts. Unless you’re reviewing a very popular book, and reviewing it very well or in an interesting and refreshing way, chances are few people will read your work.

I’m writing this post to say — I want to read your best review!

I know you worked diligently, perhaps for hours, finding the right words and expressing your feelings as accurately and eloquently as words allow. I don’t want your hard work to go unnoticed. 

So please do me a favor and post a link to your best or most popular review in the comments below!

I will read every single review that is posted below. I may not get to them all today because I have work and other commitments. But I will read them, comment on your blog, and perhaps share them on Twitter — that’s a promise!

Please feel free to read each other’s reviews as well. You know you want to. :]


16 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Or Most Popular Book Review? I Want To Read It!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I added him as a friend, so hopefully he accepts.

      What’s your Goodreads user name? Feel free to add me – Naz Hernandez.
      I’m liking the new look of your blog, btw. It’s a lot easier on the eyes. 🙂

      1. I’ve been trying to comment and my internet was playing hide and seek with me. Hopefully these won’t be comment repeats. We already are friends on Goodreads. Sydney Mugerwa there. I think Duffy will. He’s a swell guy.

  1. This is a good question! I also love reading book reviews – sometimes almost as much as books. They are time-consuming, though, so I just wish I had more time for it.
    My most viewed review since I wrote it has been Sweetland by Michael Crummey, but one that would fit your focus better is The Orenda by Joseph Boyden.

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