8 Benefits of Reading

April 20, 2019

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People always tell us: You must read, reading is good, etc. But said simply: Why is it important to read? The benefits that books can give us, begin as soon as the child gets his first baby book and listens to children’s stories, thus stimulating his thoughts and sharpening his senses.

We will talk about why it is important to read to grow personally by mentioning eight good reasons to read frequently. That applies for both children as well as adults and the family.

By reading, we exercise our brain.

Believe it or not, frequent reading manages to modify the structure of our brain, creating and reinforcing new connections. As well as creating new thought patterns. When you spend many hours watching TV, think about that reading a good book can bring you greater benefits.

Children and adults who read often improve their reading skills.

As the famous saying “Practice makes perfect,” this saying is not unknown to people who start reading frequently. The more you read, the more you will speed up your reading skills. And you will also be able to read more words per minute. The importance of reading in children applies to develop their brain as they grow. And to become more creative and analytical people as adults.

Reading explains to the children the world in which they live.

Reading for children can come to mean a new explanation of how things work. Or that there may be a better world than they already know. It brings the ideas, beliefs and new ways of thinking that shape the perception of the world in which they live.

Reading improves concentration.

People who aren’t accustomed to reading, normally pass through periods of loss of concentration during reading. By taking the habit of reading, we not only elevate our concentration level by having a book in hand, but we also improve concentration skills in various aspects of life such as work, school, conversations, etc.

Reading relaxes our body and calms the mind.

In the time we live people have forgotten how to keep the body relaxed and how to be patient. The current lifestyle, full of lights, sounds, stress, and many distractions, makes it more difficult to relax and have a full mind. Reading is the perfect medicine to reduce the level of stress as long as we do it conscientiously and regularly.

Reading is good entertainment.

People who enjoy reading may find it great entertainment.

The advantage of entertaining yourself with a book is that aside from enjoying what you are doing, you are also acquiring new knowledge. Fun tip: The newly acquired knowledge can act as a conversation starter if you run out of topics to talk about.

Children who read are doing better in school

An advantage of a child who reads often is that his or her mind will already be coupled with the study and interpretation of information. This will allow it to be easier to learn the lessons of the school. As it will have a greater capacity for analysis and understanding.

Increases creative intelligence.

For the people who work and for the children, it is of utmost importance to be more creative. Nowadays being more creative is more valued than in the past and reading helps a lot to achieve it.

There are probably many more benefits of getting into the habit of reading frequently. The important thing is that with these 8 points you already know why it is important to read and how life can improve by acquiring this habit.

When you acquire the habit of reading it is very important to try to pass it on to the people which we love the most. Especially on the older adults who don’t do the reading since it is scientifically proven that exercising the mind by reading a book is a powerful opponent of diseases like the Alzheimer. If you want to know why it is good to read, for only this reason should suffice.