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Hello, my name is Nazahet Hernandez. All you have to know about me is that I love reading as much as you do, and that I believe the world would be a more beautiful and kinder place if all the world’s people experienced the joy of reading every day.

This blog exists because I want to encourage all readers to read more diverse books. I want us all to read books written by authors whose roots collectively span the world. Let us not limit our reading experiences to that which is familiarΒ and comfortable. Let us experience the world through the eyes of a young, middle-class Nigerian woman moving to America. Or a woman born during the 18th century on a Jamaican sugar plantation. Or a Mexican-American teenager who befriends a boy who will help him discover the secrets of the universe. Let us read these stories and allow our lives to become richer and our perspective more nuanced because of them.

Read Diverse Books will focus on reviewing and promoting books written by authors of most ethnic and racial backgrounds, except white or European. However, I will make exceptions for white authors who write about people of color or marginalized experiences: LGBT issues or about people with disabilities.

I do not intend to offend anyone by excluding white authors, such reviews will simply be posted elsewhere. My goal for this blog is for it to become a resource for readers who want to read more diverse books but may not know where to look. Representation of people of color in literature is profoundly important to me, so be assured that I will provide honest, frequent, and in-depth reviews.

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  1. Thanks for following me back! I have been vegetarian and leading a healthy lifestyle for a few months now, so I will definitely frequent your blog. πŸ™‚

  2. Whoa, great to be on your blog! I believe that diversity truly adds more excitement and “spice” to the books, and I agree that representation in literature is important. Looking forward to reading your reviews!

  3. Your blog is awesome. As a soon-to-be public/youth services librarian, I am always looking for more books written by and about people of color. (Plus I just enjoy reading them!) Thanks for being a great resource.

    1. Thank you! That’s definitely the goal for my blog – to be a great resource for all lovers of multicultural literature. I don’t read much YA and Children’s literature, so I may not be as helpful on that front. I’m trying to be better about it because YA and Children’s Lit really are some of the most important kinds of literature.
      Thank you for stopping by. πŸ™‚

      1. I read a lot of YA and Children’s lit (because I love it and for professional reasons), but I’ve been trying to read more adult lit, so I’ll check out some of the books you’ve reviewed!

  4. I really love the vibe of your blog and what a great name. I’m not seeing a WordPress follow button, and it’s not coming up at the corner of the screen on the full site. I feel like I’m missing something.

        1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into this. Do you browse blogs in your phone? Because on computer screens, you can see my full blog with all the follow options.

          Hmm. I should probably make it easier for people on their phones to follow me as well. haha

          1. Yes, I mostly browse on my phone. Okay, so that’s why I couldn’t find it. There’s an enable for mobile button in the Appearance section of the dashboard. I don’t see anything about the follow button though, just what posts you want to feature and headers. Maybe that will enable it on the phone. I’m not sure if that helps or not.

  5. Thanks for doing diverse fiction. On my blog I also read and review books that are written by Asian/ Asian Americans, women, and Jews. If you are looking for recommendations let me know and I will be happy to recommend you some. Hope you like historical fiction

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