Review Policy

Thank you for considering Read Diverse Books!

As a reminder, please note that I will prioritize books written by people of color. However, I make exceptions for white authors who write about marginalized people and experiences (e.g. LGBT issues, people with disabilities).

I prioritize physical books over eBooks.

If I agree to review your book, please allow one month before inquiring about the status of the review. Once I specifically agree to a review request, I will review the book. However, it may take several weeks before it is published in my blog, as I have a large backlog of books to review. 

If I do not respond to a review request within a week, that means I am not interested in reading the book or do not have the time.


I read: Young Adult and Adult FictionFantasy, Science-Fiction, LGBT Lit, Historical Fiction, Memoirs, some nonfiction

I do not read: Erotica, Romance, Political Nonfiction

Unsolicited books: I am open to receiving these books as long as they fall under the categories of books I read. However, I am not obligated to review unsolicited books. 

You may contact me here.


3 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Was recently wondering whether I am allowed to rate a book if I disliked it so much I had to put it down lol. I’m taking this as permission!

  2. Have you heard about DNF (Did Not Finish) reviews? They’re great and fun to read because they’re usually rants, haha.
    But on Goodreads, if I read 50% of a book but did not want to continue reading I give it a 1 or 2.

  3. Oh dear . . . that’s brutal . . . I am almost scared to ask for a review of my latest book (though it has had good reviews so far)

    OK question, would you simply say you just didn’t like a book or say the things you didn’t like in a constructive way? Before my author hat, I have a reader’s hat, which I seem to put on a lot. Like the last book I attempted reading . . . there was nothing wrong with it, 80 pages into it and a month later I still was not motivated to finish it. So in my review, I simply wrote that there was nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t appeal enough to me and gave it a 3 star. Do you think that’s too generous?

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