About Us

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We were always told that reading our books in school can help us a lot in terms of gaining knowledge. Unfortunately, some may have found reading thick books in school a burden that they just got tired of reading. There are plenty of non-academic books that can offer a lot of value to our lives, so we are here to change the mindset.

We are a group of book lovers who believe that everyone must embrace the culture of reading. Not only that reading promotes literacy, but it also allows us to discover different guides in almost every aspect of our lives through books written by brilliant minds. While reading may have been put aside because of other information delivery methods like online videos, reading is still the most efficient way to get reliable information.

Our goal is to re-introduce the culture of reading to adults while creating new generations of readers. Expect articles from readdiversebooks.com  on how to choose interesting reading materials that will suit your taste. Let’s make the world a better place by creating a community of readers.

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