Cover Reveal – Spoonful Chronicles by Elen Ghulam

Welcome to my very first cover reveal, everyone!

Today, I’m hosting the cover reveal for Elen Ghulam’s upcoming book, Spoonful Chronicles, which will officially release on April 4th. It’s an #ownvoices novel about an Iraqi woman who seeks to unlock the purpose in her life by recounting everything she has eaten. An intriguing concept with food as a major component of the story? Sounds like recipe for success! 

Read the full book blurb below and add the book on Goodreads if you like what you see.

About Spoonful Chronicles

Thaniya Rasid grew up in the Middle East dreaming of becoming a surgeon. Now living an ordinary life as a mother, wife and a hospital lab tech in Vancouver, Canada, she garners unexpected fame as YouTube’s Queen of Hummus when her video demonstrating the recipe goes viral. How could blending chickpeas in a food processor generate so much excitement? And how could her life have ended up so far away from all her expectations?

To make sense of the unlikely events that have brought her to this place, Thaniya turns to food, curating memorable eating experiences of her life, searching for clues. Between her childhood aversion to cucumbers, her search for an authentic Iraqi kubeh in the city of Jerusalem, her 10-year tomato wars with her husband Samih, a mood altering encounter with a blood pudding in Edinburgh, and a Kafkaesque nightmare involving a cauliflower, Thaniya unravels repeated patterns occurring in her life. The secrets of love, friendship and destiny hidden in her cauldron of mishmashed cultures begin to reveal themselves.

Between lust and disgust there is a thin line. Spoonful Chronicles is the beguiling story of one woman taking hold of her fate by uncovering the clandestine geography of this divide in her heart.


Official cover for Spoonful Chronicles

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The Kindle version is available for preorder now. 

The eBook and paperback with both be available for purchase on April 4th, 2017


[from the book blurb] “Kafkaesque nightmare involving a cauliflower” — oh my, the cover makes a lot of sense now! I’ve never had nightmares about cauliflower. Have you? I only associate positive things and memories with cauliflower because the “mashed potatoes” and rice you can make with it is absolutely delicious…Oh, I’m getting sidetracked (and hungry). Pardon me.

If you love to cook and are interested in receiving the full recipes that appear in Spoonful Chronicles, be sure to subscribe to Elen’s mailing list to have them delivered to your email. Have fun cooking!

In case you miss the author’s bio, I wanted to point out that Elen actually does have a video showing us how to make hummus! You should seriously watch it. I didn’t know it was so easy!


About The Author:

Elen Ghulam is an Iraqi-Canadian living in Vancouver B.C. She worked as a computer programmer for 18 years before turning to writing fiction. Telling stories to silicon chips proved to be easy, and so she graduated to amusing humans. She is a passionate blogger at And yes! There is a hummus video.

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23 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Spoonful Chronicles by Elen Ghulam

  1. Oh! Will this be a new feature? I love hummus? I did not like it as a child. But I love it as an adult. I have never made it at home though.

    The premise of the book sounds like the present world. An ordinary person becoming a You Tube sensation. That combined with food sounds good.

    1. I would love to do more cover reveals! But authors need to approach me first or I would have to seek them out.
      I love hummus too 😍 and yeah, the premise is really cool. There are so many stories about people becoming famous even for a short while because of a video on the Internet. I’m curious to see how much this book explores that.

  2. The cover and title of this didn’t grab me but the blurb definitely peaked my interest. I’ve seen the narrative-through-food fall flat a few times but it seems like this author really knows her food – I’ll be back for the giveaway!

    Oh, and cauliflower is indeed the stuff of nightmares!

  3. OH wow, what an intriguing blurb, haha. Just like the commenter above me said, I wouldn’t say that the cover or title caught my eye, but that blurb certainly did. And food, oh I love food so much haha. It sounds like a fun read, thank you so much for sharing this, Naz! 🙂

  4. Dear Naz, Yes I can see that cauliflowers can seem innocent. With all that lumpy amorphous mass and all. But once you read the novel you might realize that between those beautiful florets lies a few unexpected surprises.

  5. Looool I saw the pretty smoke… and then scrolled down to see the cauliflower 😛 What a surprise hehe.

    This book sounds so cool! From the blurb I thought it would be a memoir because of how descriptive the character’s background is (and I could totally see someone becoming famous from a hummus video on YouTube), but it’s interesting to see that it’s fiction. This is definitely one unforgettable cover, hehe.

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