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Earlier this month, Claudie Arseneault wrote about “queer retellings, aromanticism, and centering friendship in your narratives.”  Today, I’m hosting an international giveaway for Claudie’s new book, City Of Strife. This is a book for fans of fantasy, elves, magic, friendship and LGBTQIAP characters!

The book will release on February 22nd, 2017, so it’s only a few days away! The giveaway will be for a paperback copy of City Of Strife, and it is open to everyone. Please enter and good luck. 🙂


About City Of Strife (from Goodreads)

Isandor, City of Spires.


A hundred and thirty years have passed since Arathiel last set foot in his home city. Isandor hasn’t changed—bickering merchant families still vie for power through eccentric shows of wealth—but he has. His family is long dead, a magical trap has dulled his senses, and he returns seeking a sense of belonging now long lost.


Arathiel hides in the Lower City, piecing together a new life among in a shelter dedicated to the homeless and the poor, befriending an uncommon trio: the Shelter’s rageful owner, Larryn, his dark elven friend Hasryan, and Cal the cheese-loving halfling. When Hasryan is accused of Isandor’s most infamous assassination of the last decade, what little peace Arathiel has managed to find for himself is shattered. Hasryan is innocent… he thinks. In order to save him, Arathiel may have to shatter the shreds of home he’d managed to build for himself.


Arathiel could appeal to the Dathirii—a noble elven family who knew him before he disappeared—but he would have to stop hiding, and they have battles of their own to fight. The idealistic Lord Dathirii is waging a battle of honour and justice against the cruel Myrian Empire, objecting to their slavery, their magics, and inhumane treatment of their apprentices. One he could win, if only he could convince Isandor’s rulers to stop courting Myrian’s favours for profit.


In the ripples that follow Diel’s opposition, friendships shatter and alliances crumble. Arathiel, the Dathirii, and everyone in Isandor fights to preserve their homes, even if the struggle changes them irrevocably.

If you want to learn more about the book, read Brendon’s review at Gaming For Justice!

International Giveaway!

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About The Author:

Claudie Arseneault is an asexual and aromantic-spectrum writer hailing from the very-French Québec City. Her long studies in biochemistry and immunology often sneak back into her science-fiction, and her love for sprawling casts invariably turns her novels into multi-storylined wonders. The most recent, City of Strife, comes out on February 22, 2017! Claudie is a founding member of The Kraken Collective and is well-known for her involvement in solarpunk, her database of aro-ace characters in spec fic, and her unending love of octopi. Find out more on her website!

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38 thoughts on “Giveaway – City Of Strife by Claudie Arseneault

  1. Omfg, this sounds amazing. And I haven’t heard about it or the author before, which is exciting, finding new great things and a bit “What is wrong w me,why hadn’t I heard of this before!?!” as well.

    Thank you so much Naz and Claudie I can’t wait to read your book! I wish you all the best 😀

  2. Thanks for the chance to win this! I hadn’t heard about it until recently and now I’m really excited to read it. Especially since I’ve been trying to read more diverse books this year! Adding it to my TBR!

  3. I read Brendon’s review and I fell in love with this story. As Brendon said, “the first in a political fantasy trilogy featuring an entire cast LGBTQIAP+ characters”– sign me up! I adore fantasy, and I can’t wait to explore what possibilities we see with diversity in this cast.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Naz!

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