Latinx Heritage Month Wrap-Up

Once again, I want to thank all the wonderful and talented authors who collaborated with me to make this month-long celebration of Latinx voices a reality. I had never attempted a project of this scope and am happy with how it turned out. I could have been more organized, but I will focus on the positives instead and look forward to future projects. I hope to make next year’s celebration even better! 

For now, here’s a wrap-up post of all the reviews, guest posts, Q&As, and author spotlights featured on my blog throughout Latinx Heritage Month. If you missed any of my posts, now’s your chance to catch up and discover new authors and poets!

I still have a couple more posts planned. They will be added to this list as soon as they are published.




20+ Books To Read During AND After Latinx Heritage Month

What I’ve Taken Away From Talented LatinX Authors

Guest Posts:


The Alien Consciousness of “Latin@ Rising” – by Matthew Goodwin

The Value in Saying “Latinx” – a variety of authors

Reading Villalobos in McAllen – by Elliott Turner

A ‘Wish for Someplace Else’: Latinx Poetry As Community – by Iliana Rocha

“Saudade” In The Latinx Community – by Jude Sierra 

“Abre Los Hojos” – Désirée Zamorano on the dangers of selective perception



Q&A With Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Author Of “Certain Dark Things”

A Q&A With Poet , Editor, And Activist Emanuel Xavier

A Q&A With Sabrina Sol

Q&A With Chilean Author Felipe Oliva Arriagada

A Q&A With Zoraida Córdova, Author Of “Labyrinth Lost”

Bibliography Spotlights:


Lisa M. Bradley, author of “The Haunted Gir.”

Tristan J. Tarwater, author of “The Marauders’ Island”

Wendy C. Ortiz, author of “Bruja.”


Radiance - Poems by Emanuel Xavier

Radiance – by Emanuel Xavier

Esperanza Rising – by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Signs Preceding the End of the World – by Yuri Herrera

The Marauders’ Island – by Tristan J. Tarwater

Labyrinth Lost – by Zoraida Córdova

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20 thoughts on “Latinx Heritage Month Wrap-Up

  1. Your Latinx Heritage Month blog event was amazing, Naz! Thanks so much for putting it all together. It was awesome reading up on reviews and interviews.
    Thanks so much for having a platform and space for these voices.
    You rock!

  2. I’d say your Latinx Heritage Month was a big success! I know I’ve added a few new books and authors to my various lists. Time for a little well-deserved rest? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Naomi! I’m not quite taking a rest, but will resume to my previous posting schedule, which was twice a week. Perhaps 3 times a week if the something important is happening. I got some good momentum going and don’t want to lose it. But I will try to take it easy.

  3. Thanks for putting this together! I learned a ton– and it’s obvious you put a lot of time and effort into these posts! I am so impressed with the response you got for guest posts, as well as from your followers. It’s obvious we loved this. Keep up the great work, Naz!

    1. Honestly, I was very surprised at the turn out! A couple of authors said they were interested but backed out in the end, which I actually appreciated because it made it easier on me lol. You’ve been such a wonderful supporter, Jackie. I really appreciate you. 🙂

  4. Great job Naz 🙂 I hope you will do something like that for other minorities and ethnic minorities group 🙂 if you will do something Asian or Jewish related, I would love to write a guest post or review for your blog.

    1. I will take a break from big projects for a second, but I will definitely look into doing something similar in the future. I felt comfortable start with Latinx voices because it was something personal to me, but I want to uplift as many voices as possible, so thanks for the idea!

  5. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed all the hard work that you’ve put into this past month, Naz. You’ve enriched my consciousness and my TBR as well! Thanks for letting me participate. I know it’s hard to predict so far ahead but do you think you’ll do this again next year?

      1. What a fantastic project and you did so very well! Your event added so many new writers and books to my TBR! Have you thought about inviting someone to assist, as a co-host, so that you could share the workload? That can be tricky, because you would need to have some similar goals from the outset, but it might make it all more manageable for next year too, especially if you were to start, say, now? Heheh Just kidding: you need a break! (And you probably have lots of new books added to your own TBR now, too, even though you were hosting?!)

  6. Congrats on a successful month of Latinix Heritage Month posts!! I really enjoyed all the guest posts, reviews, lists, and interviews. Will be looking for the last few posts, and look forward to next years celebration 😊

  7. You really accomplished quite a celebration for Latinx Heritage Month 2016! So much, in fact, I couldn’t keep up because of other reading and writing commitments. Yet! I know I can return to your blog again and again to read great ideas and reviews, author features, and become acquainted with other bloggers. Thanx, and Congrats!

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