Lore Lush Publishing Is Now Open For Submissions

Today I am honored to have Lore Lush Publishing on the blog to help promote their call for submissions. If you are a writer or know some writers who would be interested in submitting their work to Lore Lush Publishing, please direct them to this post or to Lore Lush Publishing’s website and contact info. It’s all provided below.

We need to keep pushing for an inclusive publishing landscape for all writers, so small publishers like Lore Lush Publishing are more vital than ever. We need more fearless writers and stories to get us through the next 4 year. Please help us spread the word and help us bring these stories out into the world!

Below is their official call for submissions.  Read it thoroughly to see if Lore Lush Publishing is the right fit for you or someone you know.



Lore Lush Publishing is a publisher of Inclusive & diverse fiction. We publish books that are not mainstream to reflect the world around us, to include heroes and heroines of color, and to be inclusive of disabilities, ethnicity, and body type.

If you have a diverse story to tell, take a look at our guidelines below.

What We Are Currently Accepting:

Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
Anthology Submissions (Details To Come)
Agented and un-agented work from new and established writers
Previously Unpublished Full-Length Novels

What We Are Looking For:

Diverse & Inclusive Stories
Strong, Smart and Engaging Heroines
Sexy Alpha Heroes

Tension, Conflict Worldbuilding, and Exceptional Characterization

Review our submissions page for guidelines and details

To submit your story, please send an email to submissions@lorelushpublishing.com


Lore – 35K-70K Paranormal Romance

Lush – 30K-60K Contemporary Romance

Chimera – 40K-80K Fantasy

Malice – 20K-60K Horror

Crux – 30K-70K Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Dagger – 40K-80K Urban Fantasy

Nova – 20K-60K Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Dystopia

Jade – 20K-60K New Adult (Any Genre)

Teri – 20K-60K Young Adult (Any Genre)

Legion (Cross-Genre) – Does your story exist in more than one genre? We’d love to hear about it!

We offer remote employment and career opportunities for military veterans & spouses and is an Equal Opportunity employer.

Please visit our Careers page for current career opportunities.


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