Read Diverse Books Year-Round – Latinx Heritage Month Edition


Giveaway 1 winner: TJ @ My Book Strings

Giveaway 2 winner: Ottavia @ Novels and Nonfiction

Read Diverse Books Year-Round returns a little later than usual this month because I wanted to time it with Latinx Heritage Month, which kicks off tomorrow, September 15th. It’s going to be very exciting and busy month for me and my blog, but I can’t wait to celebrate with a month’s worth of content!

I want to thank everyone who contributed a review to August’s link-up, it was the most successful one yet! It may not always feel like it, but our reviews do matter. Perhaps not individually, but collectively we can make a powerful statement with the books we choose to read and discuss.

The winner for August’s draw was Heather @ Spirit Blog! For her prize, Heather chose Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember – an excellent choice.

September’s link-up is going to be a little different due to it being Hispanic Heritage Month, which I will henceforth refer to as Latinx Heritage Month because I want to give the term further visibility.


The Twist: there will be two giveaways of up to $20 (USD) from The Book Depository. 

Giveaway 1: The regular rules apply. Simply read and review qualifying diverse books and you’re in! However, reviews of books by Latinx authors will not be accepted. They should go in the second giveaway instead. 

Giveaway 2: Limited to reviews of books written by Latinx authors only, in honor of Latinx Heritage Month. If you need recommendations, I have a reading list that will help.

Note: You may not enter the same book review in both giveaways. 

Read Diverse Books Year-Round


The rules (for giveaway 1):

If you read and review a qualifying book, you will immediately be placed in the drawing to win a free book of your choice from Book Depository!

Eligible books:

  1. A book written by a person of color*
  2. A book by or about a person with a disability 
  3. A book with an LGBTQ protagonist or about LGBTQ issues 

*This category also allows for Indigenous/Native peoples and non-European/Australian international authors. Feel free to ask me, if you’re not sure.

The more #ownvoices books you read, the better – but it’s not a requirement.

The Book Depository delivers to over 100 countries, but please make sure that your country is eligible for shipping. I don’t want any one to be disappointed.


Only reviews published between September 1st and October 15th will be eligible.


Add your reviews below ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Limit 3 per person for each giveaway.

Giveaway 1  


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Giveaway 2 – Latinx authors only


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29 thoughts on “Read Diverse Books Year-Round – Latinx Heritage Month Edition

  1. “It may not always feel like it, but our reviews do matter. Perhaps not individually, but collectively we can make a powerful statement with the books we choose to read and discuss.”

    Well said Naz! I can’t wait to read all the reviews and get lots of book recommendations!

  2. Man, I am going to JUST MISS participating in this month — I’m picking Labryinth Lost for my next podcast read, but that podcast won’t post until early October. This is the problem with trying to schedule blog posts in advance. Awesome events like yours come up and I’m totally unprepared. But I know I’m going to get a kajillion recommendations of awesome books to add to my TBR!

    1. Well, this link-up will go until October 15th, so you may still qualify :p
      Anyway, yes, there will be lots of book reviews posted!! Hopefully…the last link-ups have done well, so I’m going off history 😀 Giveaways tend to draw people in.

  3. I have a question: today I got a copy of Mexico by Josh Barakan and am wondering if it might be considered a multicultural read? In October do stay tuned for Sense of Light on my blog about beginnings of AIDS epidemic and also has a gay character 🙂

    1. It would count if Josh Barakan were Mexican or a person of color. As far as I can tell (though I may be wrong lol) he’s white, but he did spent many years living in Mexico, according to Goodreads. There aren’t any reviews for this book on GR, so I hope it’s good at least! But sorry, it won’t qualify. :/

  4. First of all, Happy Latinx Heritage Month! I am excited to celebrate and honor voices of the Latinx community this month.

    Thank you Naz for not one, but two giveaways! I am awed at your generosity with these giveaways, especially with the intent of raising and support marginalized authors and bloggers. 🙂

  5. This is amazing! 😀 I read a lot of #OwnVoices books during DiverseAThon last week and I might enter my reviews for this giveaway! Anywayyy, just wanna say that most diverse books I read are your recommendations, which I saw on twitter :P, like Juliet Takes A Breath and Homegoing. I saw you named them as your favorite books this year haha and I’ll definitely keep an eye on your other recommendations as well!

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